Paranormal activities with Andreas Österlund & LaxTon


The Story.

This Paranormal happening is not another generic experience! We offer you a unique opportunity to step into the paranormal world in collaboration with Sweden’s foremost specialists in the field. This is your chance to experience something supernatural up close. If that is not enough, this rare activity opens the door to some of Sweden´s most famous and mystic addresses. Your metaphysical phenomenon will occur in one of many possible locations; including perhaps an ancient manor house, an historic castle, an old rectory, or an abandoned building no longer accessible to the public. The evening begins with a briefing about the property´s dark history and once inside, you will get to test the latest equipment to see what is actually hiding in the darkness.  Using EMF readers and Spirit Boxes through to more modern devices used on classic “ghost hunts”.

Your role will be to place cameras and instruments to measure electromagnetic and static fields. Observing movements and temperature changes you will to wander around to feel the atmosphere of the haunted place. Don´t be surprised if the team sends you down alone into the cellar with one of the gadgets. While you wait for the first signs of paranormal activity Andreas will introduce you to the Ouija board and share with you more about his life as a medium.

Your private metaphysical evening will be an adventure of a lifetime. Anything is possible if you open you just open up your senses. The most skeptical people will have their worldview shaken in a crazy mix of adrenaline, fear, humour, warmth and love. This is your chance to explore some exciting, thrilling and historical places including those that exist beyond our known reality – a paranormal story to bring home.

The Profile.

Behind the paranormal activity experience, you will find a dream team of Swedish ghost hunters, mediums and producers.

Andreas Österlund is one of Sweden’s most respected mediums, known from the famous TV series The Unknown (Det Okända), his own YouTube series The Creeps (Kalla Kårar) and Dplay’s success story of Ghost Hunt (Spökjakt). On his side you will find his girlfriend and fellow medium Jenny Hamren.  They are always on the road together to visit haunted places.

The LaxTon was founded by brothers Tony Martinsson and Niclas Laaksonen in 2014. The duo make up Sweden´s leading paranormal investigating team. They search for paranormal phenomena, supernatural events that cannot be explained by science, that take place in Sweden and the rest of the world.

Their interest in the paranormal was aroused in the 1980’s when they were involved in a tragic family event and a series of unexplained activities took place. They became ghost hunters and not a medium team because their investigations use the latest technology. They have published a book, they visit the most haunted places, they participate in a tv series with the eminent Jocke and Jonna and most recently you will see them in the Dplay´s series “Ghost Hunt” (Spökjakt).

Lastly Fred Andersson is a feature producer and editor of The Unknown and Ghost Hunt. Part of his job is to detect haunted houses in Sweden and dig into their dark background story. He also works as occultist and author. He has plenty of knowledge and expertise from TV productions and a personal involvement in the esoteric sphere so he is the perfect companion to experience this with you.

Story includes:

  • Introduction of the activity and background story to the haunted plot
  • Private access to a haunted property
  • Use of paranormal equipment
  • Skill building activities on ghost hunting techniques
  • Beverage and snacks during the workshop
  • Personal “scary” stories to bring home


All the year around

Additional Activities:

private dinner, readings, workshops

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