Frequently Asked Questions

Henrik has worked in the hospitality industry for a long time. You name it, he’s done it: tour guide, researcher, planner, cool hunter, hotel employee, entertainer, barman, waiter, and dancer. He is a storytelling juggernaut himself, confirmed by international media coverage, and client testimonials.

With many years of know-how in the luxury travel industry, including creating brand experiences for global companies, Henrik is an authority clientele satisfaction. He is an expert at opening doors thanks to a widespread network of intriguing contacts (‘storytellers’) and a talented eye for location scouting.

A ‘travel designer’ does more than customize travel experiences and manage trips. We bring high-level personalization and collaboration to the forefront, ensuring incredible experiences.

We build long-term relationships with our clients by getting to know them. Our in-depth interview and preparation phase, from research to involving partners, allows us to craft itineraries packed with surprise and delight.

Rest assured that all accommodations, transportations, and activities have been fully vetted by our team. Only after you have provided feedback on our initial proposal and we’ve reached the perfect itinerary together do we make reservations and get you ready for departure.

Simply put, a ‘travel designer’ might as well be called a ‘travel therapist’ we take care of hiccups before, during, and after the trip so you can relax and lose yourself in the moment. Experience added value and ROI on your stress relief and being present and aware of your surroundings.

In most cases, the answer is no — it costs less for you if you consider the time you save on preparation and research. Additionally, we access special rates from local partners and storytellers as well as fares not available to the general public. A ‘travel designer’ offers an uncalculatable value far beyond finding our clients the best prices. We spend quality time designing the perfect itineraries; utilizing our professional expertise and connections within the industry to make sure that you reap the best memories and economize your time, efforts, and stress.

In a time where our iPhones are constantly within reach and people have instant access to infinite information, we can understand why many travelers won’t understand what a ‘travel designer’ can do for them.

Let’s put it this way: Picture yourself combing through thousands of websites, blogs, and travel aggregating websites. Trying to distinguish paid-for reviews and content from real experiences. We know, your eyes are already glazing over.

By using Sverigeagenten, a trained professional takes over the process — using resources, insider tips, and relationships beyond your sphere. We are always available to help and answer any questions. All our offers are vetted by personal and trusted experience, plus our close relationships can help us hook you up with perks. Who doesn’t love a free room upgrade, welcome drink, VIP treatment, parting gift, late check-out, or complimentary meal? You are not just another traveler; you deserve to feel special.

Everyone remembers a good story. Whether they heard it on a podcast, TV, or right from the horse’s mouth, good stories stick with us, subject regardless.

We hand-pick our storytellers for the charm and talent they possess – insider knowledge, social graces, and impressive networks. They are here to share their interesting life stories and experiences with you. They are genuine entertainers and straight shooters with captivating, diverse messages.

Storytelling forges connections among people and inspires new ideas. It conveys culture, history, and values. Storytelling encourages creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. What a way to see and experience the world!

Price can depend on several factors: the length of your story, itinerary or trip, the storyteller, exclusivity of the activity, number of participants, planning process, additional services, and more.

Most stories and travel packages start from 5,000 kr. Digital skill-building productions and events are more likely to start from 50,000 kr. Contact us for more details.

When we have agreed on the story and costs, we require a deposit to confirm your experience. We operate on a strict ‘no money, no honey’ policy. Your deposit covers the cost of pre-booking fees, planning with partners, and our valuable time and effort (after all, our services are in demand!). After payment, we can book your full itinerary and start making magic happen.

+ Can I get a refund if I cancel? 

The following flat-rate cancellation fees apply in % of the purchase price if nothing else is agreed upon:

  • Up to 60 days before the activity a cancellation free of charge is possible
  • Up to 30 days before the activity 50%
  • Up to 15 days before the activity 75%
  • From 5 days before the activity 100%

In case of no-shows or complete cancelation before or during the activity/tour, a charge of 100% applies. This applies particularly to when a customer fails to attend a contractually agreed-upon service.

Read more about our terms under Terms & Conditions

Sverigeagenten (powered by Luxury Travel Sweden AB) maintains public liability insurance. This insurance does not cover the loss of luggage or theft of valuables except in case of intent or gross negligence. Berlinagenten will not compensate for any damages that exceed the scope of the insurance.

Read more about our terms under Terms & Conditions

We provide tailor-made and personalized travel experiences, activities, and packages with the help of ‘storytellers’ (interesting people) and ‘storytelling locations’ (unique places). We are the leading platform for exceptional and unique experiences in Sweden. Our trips go deeper than just seeing the sights: we offer a sense of wonder, authenticity, and expectation for the unexpected. Seeking personal growth, inspiration, or self-awakening? Let’s take travel to the next level together.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t allow us to travel and socialize the way we used to. Our storytelling agency Sverigeagenten offers a great alternative travel solution: Sweden for Swedes. We design stories, itineraries, and activities for the domestic market, soothing the worries of travelers. We follow COVID-19 regulations and social distancing measures to ensure the safety of our clients.

Sweden has endless forests, natural parks with waterfalls, snow-peaked mountains, lakes, dunes, plus 2,800 km of coastline and around 222,000 islands, islets, and beaches. Even Stockholm, the capital, is an archipelago of 14 islands linked with over 50 bridges! As you can see, social distancing is a Swedish specialty. Isolating off the grid is easy here.

Henrik Tidefjärd is a globetrotting Swede and expert on lifestyle and travel trends. A true cosmopolitan, Henrik has lived in London, Barcelona, Beirut and roams the world as a hardcore cool hunter. He speaks four languages, holds a master’s degree in international marketing, and made his name working in the hotel, restaurant, tourism, and marketing sectors. He moved to Berlin in 2001 to polish up his German and stayed for a racy love affair with the city and its people.

Henrik founded his Berlin-based luxury lifestyle tour agency Berlinagenten in 2004. Since then, he has been named as one of the three most important guides you should know on the planet by Forbes Magazine and featured countless times in international media. His biggest passion is discovering off-the-radar destinations, diving headfirst into new scenes, absorbing local cultures, and meeting creative people. He’s a natural-born storyteller!

His specialty is taking care of high-profile, high-demand clients like A-listers and jetsetters. He rocks at hosting multinational companies and luxurious brand-experience trips. Henrik’s motto is: ‘If you want to serve a rock star, you better live like one.’ He does this and commits to a deeper purpose: impacting people with storytelling, in-depth knowledge, and cross-cultural communication. Supported by local partners and a highly knowledgeable, personality-led team, Sverigeagenten is a landmark forward-thinking travel brand.

Our storytellers are locals and entrepreneurs around Sweden who engage audiences about their businesses, hobbies, secret passions, and creative drive. Our network of storytellers reaches far and wide: artists, filmmakers, chefs, musicians, dancers, DJs, farmers, start-up entrepreneurs, innovators, wellness gurus, athletes, ghost hunters, hoteliers, bloggers, and historians, just to name a few.

The short answer: wherever you want in Sweden! We specialize particularly in seaside and wild natural destinations, as well as isolated places off-the-beaten-track. However, we are also ace at organizing city adventures too, especially in the areas of Stockholm (Mälardalen), Göteborg (Bohuslän), and Malmö (Skåne), where most of you live. A few of our favorite rural destinations include regions like Gotland, Norrbotten, and Blekinge.


We take health and safety precautions for COVID-19 very seriously. We have adapted our experiences for the ‘new normal’ and follow government health and safety regulations to a tee. We practice social distancing, hygiene measures, and are always up to date on the developing situation.

Here are the health and safety measures we have included:

+ Email and phone communication to minimize direct contact

+ A Very VIP (VVIP) concept. We organize only private tours and exclusive experiences, limiting contact to only you and your storyteller during activities

+ Limiting to small groups for activities and stories. No more than 15 persons per group allowed

+ If a story or an activity requires protective equipment, we will inform you in advance and provide it on-site

+ We help you skip the queues (ticket bookings, online check-in, private connections) wherever possible

+ Our local partners and storytellers guarantee regular cleaning and disinfection and provide sanitizing/disinfecting products

+ We maintain social distancing and free seats between guests during seated and standing activities (e.g. workshops, transport, dinners)

+ When social distancing is difficult to ensure, we ask you to wear a face mask, and we may divide groups up for additional space

+ Transport companies may install protective barriers, for example between passengers and a coach driver. You may be asked to board through the back door

+ Drivers should open doors automatically at every stop, so passengers don’t have to touch buttons or handles

+ Appropriate ventilation ensured on all transport

+ Even the best travel plans may need to be set aside when symptoms strike. If you are feeling sick before travel, we ask you to stay home.

Sverigeagenten also recommends you to check the latest updates concerning guidelines and recommendations in Sweden.

Anyone curious to discover new places, keen on our storytelling concept, and understands that a customized itinerary requires a higher budget than your average budget-airline holiday. Read more under Our Story – Your profile

Our company policy is to serve our target group. We do not organize the following:

  • Beer hall evenings with pork steak meals. We aim to deliver creative, inspiring, and tasty gourmet offerings with a focus on lifestyle and quality
  • Tickets for football games and sporting events
  • Transportation for flights, train, and car rentals
  • Traditional stag parties and hens’ nights (bachelor trips)
  • Gigantic group tours. Our storytellers want personal contact with guests and exclusive venues (we can, however, split bigger groups into subgroups)
  • Tours or itineraries that have no relevance to the local lifestyle/scene. We never want our guests to feel like tourists. With us, you will feel like a local!

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer any further questions you may have. We can be reached at +46(0)703872264 (whatsapp) or email: