Background Story

Sverigeagenten is invented by Berlinagenten, an award-winning lifestyle agency founded in Berlin in 2004. Berlinagenten was founded by Henrik Tidefjärd, a native Swede living in Berlin since 2001. Named by Forbes as one of the three most important guides you should know on the planet, Henrik is no stranger to international headlines for his exciting, unconventional take on lifestyle tours. Who else would have the audacity to bring American Pie starlet Tara Reid to a Berlin fetish club? Since then, he’s hosted various celebrities and superstars, and Madonna entrusted him to show her daughter Lourdes around Berlin in 2012. In 2016, he even went undercover with Adele, exploring the city while avoiding paparazzi flashes.

After many years of experiences in Berlin, showing newcomers the ins, outs, and hidden alleys of Germany’s delightfully hedonistic capital, Henrik Tidefjärd has gained recognition with his diverse lifestyle tour concepts, entrepreneurial skills, and tireless cool hunting around the globe. He is a connoisseur of gritty, sexy happenings and trendy scenes in his favorite cities. Henrik stays ahead of the game, cultivating access to the hottest addresses through all his mega-contacts.

Coronavirus – Hard times, new opportunities

2020 has changed everything. The coronavirus pandemic conquered the world and essentially wiped out the tourism and hospitality industries. Henrik Tidefjärd was one of the first in Berlin and Sweden to contract the COVID-19 virus while skiing in Ischgl (the hub where Europe’s outbreak started). He was at the forefront of addressing stigma and fears around the disease by sharing his experiences with international media as a survivor.

After quarantine, Henrik finally tested negative for coronavirus and positive for antibodies. After getting the all-clear, he returned to Sweden where there was no lockdown and embarked on a road trip. This journey to rediscover his homeland after two decades was an eye-opening, deeply stirring experience.

The birth of Sverigeagenten

On the roads of southern Sweden, Henrik experienced ‘ghost towns’ with surreal landscapes and few inhabitants. He sat alone in restaurants and often had hotels to himself. His stories, shared on social media, became an inspiration for wanderlusters in lockdown. His followers became hopeful for a return to a normal world, and most importantly, excited about one day visiting Sweden.

Over six weeks of traveling, he connected with Swedes of all different stripes: small-business owners, artisans, dreamers, and innovators with fascinating stories to tell. Sverigeagenten was born.

The 'storytelling' concept

People make places, and memories make trips. Long after souvenirs are old and rusty, our anecdotes are what we cherish. Those memories live on. Our storytelling concept combines personal encounters, unique activities, and beautiful locations to create impactful travel.

"Discover Sweden's secluded hotspots with travel designer Henrik Tidefjärd and his 'storyteller' friends. With a hand-picked selection of people, places, workshops, and businesses, we design individual travel stories to bring you home."

A profile of our customers

Our customers are diverse in terms of professions, backgrounds, and nationalities. We love to entertain all kinds of 'narrators' (guests) but certain people will savor our experiences than others. We cater to thrill-seekers and travelers who are bored of generic activities, group programs, and tourist-crowded places. If you appreciate good food and wine, meeting new people, and trying new things, you're our kind of people. Above all though, you are someone open-minded, interested in local cultures and "out of the box" experiences. Is this you? Let's collaborate!

"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta

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