Your Travel Designer

Let us customize the ultimate storytelling journey in Sweden for you. As a luxury travel company for the next generation, we pride ourselves on planning ‘haute couture’ trips that are 100% authentic and one-of-a-kind from start to finish. Personal style and preference shape every itinerary. Finding what’s under-the-radar and true cultural immersion is our passion. We measure our success in memories, moments, and anecdotes to last a lifetime. No two trips are ever built the same!     Send Request

Meet a Storyteller

We have a unique perspective on what it means to meet the locals. We work with a talented pool of ‘storytellers’, not average tour guides – they are artists, film directors, chefs, farmers, and entrepreneurs, to name a few. They are deeply rooted in their communities, cultures, and traditions. They have inspiring and entertaining mindsets to share and they speak from the heart. Tell us where you wish to go, your interests, and the kinds of stories and outlooks you are keen to discover, and we’ll match you with the perfect character for your travel story.    Send Request

Meet the Creators

Gone are the times of Ericsson, IKEA, and Volvo. Meet companies like Skype and Spotify, the new trailblazers of Swedish innovation. Take a deep dive into Sweden’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and start-ups with our ‘Meet the Creators’ experience. This informal yet educational day features one-on-one discussions, on-site learning activities, behind-the-scene experiences, and interactive encounters with founders, creators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Explore new ideas from the start-up scene. Awaken new courage and creativity.    Send Request

Private Tours

Nourishing, invigorating private tours are ingrained in our DNA. We ditch the unnecessary additives and artificial ingredients in packaged trips. Instead, we tune into your character and individuality to craft the perfect trip: City, countryside, mountains, or sea? Culinary journeys, bar-star adventures, or marveling at masterpieces? We aim to spark travel memories that resonate with you. Tell us what your passions are, and we’ll hand-pick your perfect storytelling experience.    Send Request

Event Planner

We provide all-inclusive luxury event management in Sweden’s most prestigious venues. Private estates. Countryside castles. Remote, little-known locations. We tap into our network of Swedish talent to bring our clients’ events to life. World-class entertainment. Parties that keep guests raving until long after. Think imaginative themes, stunning set-ups and secluded venues, theatrical panache and meticulous organization, and attention to detail.

Naturally, all our events comply with COVID-19 regulations and social distancing.

Private House Parties / Gala Dinners / Team Building / Location Scouting / Private Chef Tables / Workshops / Cocktail Receptions / Underground Parties / Birthday Celebrations / Fashion Shows.    Send Request

Retail Scouting

Retail Scouting Tours is a highly curated experience for professionals seeking inspiration and knowledge about Swedish retail domination. What makes Sweden such a driving force of global design and tastemaking? We’ll tap you into the industry’s secrets. Hidden pop-ups and time-honored establishments. The most original concepts, digital trailblazers, customer-service kings, and the hottest trends. Revolutionize your thinking with new inspirations and networking moments with industry insiders.   Send Request

Cool Hunting

Not to brag, but we Swedes know what’s cool. Although it is a small country, Sweden is looked to as a worldwide pacesetter of design, art, digital innovation, and more. On our urban Cool Hunting Tour, feel your finger on the pulse of transformative fashion, food, music, sustainability, technology, and more. Select your scene and get plugged into a hyper-charged adventure of city life. Think boundary-pushing, progressive concepts: eye-catching stores, stylish beauty shops, swanky eateries, and creative spaces.   Send Request

Concept Consultancy

Our 15 years’ experience in luxury hospitality spans visits across over 100 countries, countless five-star hotel stays and site inspections, and serious cool hunting trips. If you’re looking for an honest expert opinion on revamping guest experience, we are the consultant you are looking for. Our partners include a wide range of hospitality industry professionals including tourism offices, hoteliers, and tech start-ups. We can support you in marketing and developing a results-driven strategy by identifying the right story to tell.   Send Request

Boat & Yachting

With 2,800 km coastline from Haparanda in the north to Strömstad in the west, Sweden is THE ultimate destination for yachting and sailing. With around 222,000 islands, islets, and pristine beaches to choose from, let us choose the perfect harbor for you.

Whether you are having a cocktail reception, anniversary soirée, company event, or reinvigorating getaway, our boat and yacht charters are always equipped with a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience. We provide full support and personnel to meet all expectations. Routes and arrangements, catering, on-land activities, and VIP treatment are at your fingertips. Our professional team ensures smooth sailing from sea to shore. Not to mention, Sweden’s waves are perfect for social distancing!   Send Request