Plan Your Story

By listening to you, we can create travel stories and experiences that are truly designed for you. Our many years of know-how in the luxury travel industry – research, scouting, planning, and finessing – lays the groundwork for our expertise as ‘storytelling mentors’ behind the scenes. Let us bring your perfect tale of adventure to life.


Price can depend on several factors: the length of your story, itinerary or trip, the storyteller, exclusivity of the activity, number of participants, planning process, additional services, and more. Most activities start from 5,000 kr. Contact us for more details


First thing's first: We want to hear you out. Your preferences, personality, and previous travel experiences are important to us. If you're feeling unsure or having some trouble deciding, we have plenty of ideas to get the ball rolling. Let´s brainstorm together!


We see ourselves as a location scout, connector, and 'travel therapist'. Thanks to our network of trusted insiders and aficionados, we have our hands on the livewire of the latest trends and obscure secrets from around Sweden. We take the time to research and review every tip and tidbit of gossip. Ask us for a story proposal.


When we have agreed on the story and costs, we require a deposit to confirm your experience. We operate on a strict 'No money, no honey' policy. We book your full itinerary and orchestrate your escape after payment. Details can also be fine-tuned leading up to and during your trip. If a modification leads to a change in price, we will always inform you before booking new arrangements.


Your story is designed according to your whims and desires. Don't be shy! The more you tell us about you, the better we can tailor your experience. We are perfectionists. Before you depart, we'll schedule a final review to ensure that no chapters and footnotes are missing from your story. We know it's fussy, but this confirmation process guarantees your satisfaction and a splendid time.


Once you've arrived, you're in safe hands. The story begins: here's the well-deserved adrenaline, excitement, and/or the relaxation you've been waiting for! If you have booked a self-guided itinerary, we'll check in regularly and support you throughout your trip. When you've returned home, we'll be eager to hear your stories and gather feedback.