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Most people can only dream of being able to pick the brains of those they admire and Sverigeagenten offers a way for people to learn from Swedish industry-leading experts and celebrities. Since more people are being forced to work from home, hybrid events and online conferences are becoming rather generic. They often now lack involvement  and interaction from their audiences. Sverigeagenten uplevels the streaming concept and does something differently. On our storyteller platform, you sign up for a fun skill-building streaming tour or a virtual educational experience with your favorite storyteller or entrepreneur.

Together with you and the storyteller we design from scratch your own digital streaming production and merge the experience with behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, company visits, city walks, interactive tasks and live discussions. In that way we involve, motivate, and entertain the spectators and let them learn from some of the Sweden’s top experts in their field.

At the end of the pre produced digital show we then broadcast live from an extraordinary location, where some of you (max 8 persons) will get the chance to encounter the storyteller in person and discuss interesting topics face-to-face.

Why invest in the employee?

Employee experience and satisfaction is too important to overlook. In a world of ever-smarter customers and their expectations of “digital-first-but-not-digital-only” experiences increasing, there is a need to drive innovation across enterprises, industries and sectors. You cultivate a culture of creativity to develop various voices and perspectives.

With Sverigeagenten´s digital skill-building experiences you can encourage and inspire your employees with help of talented storytellers who give actionable insights in their areas of expertise from their working and leisure worlds. Businesses that provide both professional and personal development opportunities benefit from increased employee engagement and ultimately retention.

What are your benefits to sign up for a digital storyteller experience?

Skill Development

Learn soft skills like empowerment, storytelling, creativity, effective communication, groundbreaking ideas, innovation-oriented mindset, involvement, sense of humour, positive attitude and a “thinking out of the box” approach.




Learn from the most credible storytellers and entrepreneurs of Sweden.



Get access to a visual storyteller experience that is entertaining and engaging. The more engaged your team is, the better your bottom line. Employees will become more productive, able to make better decisions, and you will have better retention rates.


Which advantages do you have for producing a digital experience with Sverigeagenten?

We are masters in brand experiences, storytelling and concepts.  We have excellent customer relations, we find extraordinary settings and venues for our live productions. We already have a network of storytellers you will need that include entrepreneurs, industry leaders, hidden talents, creators and entertainers. We also collaborate with some of the foremost partners within the broadcast & video technology industry.

What else are you looking for?

  • Digital lectures
  • Virtual press conferences / media conference
  • Meetings (Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams)
  • Virtual conferences with moderators, speakers and participants
  • Internal Communication
  • Shareholders' meeting
  • Town-Hall-Meetings
  • Cultural presentations such as music, lectures, sports, yoga, live cooking, etc.
  • Events such as Christmas celebrations, summer parties
  • Film premieres
  • Fashion shows
  • Customer communication
  • Online Seminar
  • PR Events
  • Training and teaching
  • Workshops
  • Virtual trade fair
  • Product presentation
  • Travel reportage
  • Concert live streaming
  • Video Podcast
  • Film & Series Production

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