THE VILLA – A bizarre dinner gathering with Robert & Mikael

The Story.

We have all heard about several ‘Facebook parties‘ that spiralled out of control or posh clubs with too much hustle and bustle. Those generic parties are history! If you want to escape the mainstream and lose your mind in an isolated place then the Villa is your ticket to bliss. Robert and Mikael have created a revolutionary new privé dinner party concept, behind closed doors. The guests enter a world of the outrageous, prohibited, and mysterious. To prevent any secrets leaking outside of the place every guest must hand in their mobile phone upon arrival. The rule is what happens inside, stays inside. The whole venue is used as a stage, the guests never know what to expect and are constantly surprised by impromptu performances. From dancers and entertainers to musicians and acrobatic artists, all with a little touch of fetish, sensuality, and raw physicality.

As the evening unfolds you will get an underlying feeling of being at an exclusive vip party blended with the freak show The Box. The concept-driven aesthetics and secret house party theme lend a unique ambiance to the entire event. The Villa is an unforgettable experience, a scavenger hunt of the bizarre, accompanied with amazing style, atmospheric music, delicious food and delectable drinks. But it would not be completed without its tireless hosts Robert and Mikael, their dinner party concept is all about delivering a real emotional experience for their guests, to create many stories that the guests will carry with them long after the actual event.

Warning: this is not another generic event. The VILLA is an edgy experience for corporates, small groups and friends looking for the ultimate privé dinner party that is totally out of the box.  

The Profile.

With the slogan ”Louder music, Less conversations” Robert Pihl and Mikael Wennerros conquered Stockholm´s nightlife scene in 2013 with a new after work party called Out of Office After work (OOOW). What once started as a small after work gathering for friends ended with 11.000 party people lining up for a massive outdoor event at Kungsträdgården in 2014. The rest is history! Today both are established entrepreneurs in the event industry and attract young professionals from the media, finance, IT and marketing industry to their monthly 5-9pm after work club. Robert Pihl and Mikael Wennerros first met at the advertising school Berghs in Stockholm in 2004 and became friends quickly. Robert graduated as an art director, he spent 10 years working as a media consultant solving communication problems for some of the biggest brands in the world before he started his entrepreneurial event career.

During the same period Mikael collected experiences as a project leader at a global food chain before he signed in to Out of Office. Meanwhile Robert is a true master in creative thinking and sometimes comes up with very bizarre ideas, Mikael is a master of managing and coordinating projects. Few entrepreneurs complete each other so well to create the most energetic, fun and bizarre happenings in Sweden. They love to entertain the crowd themselves too.  Mikael will spin the turntable decks whilst Robert performs an impromtu rap. When they are off work the business partners love to eat great food, taste fine wines, travel, and set up scary pranks.

Which prank is Robert´s favorite one? What did Mikael do in the deep Amazon? Would you like to listen to Robert´s own electronic music? Why does Mikael serve Finnish bear steak at his private dinners? What is the craziest thing that has happened at OOOW?

Story includes:

  • Welcome drink, meet & greet with hosts
  • Flying food or set menu
  • Show acts, performances & bizzare surprises
  • Service staff & kitchen chef
  • Set-up / dismantling, coordination and project management
  • Use of private top secret villa
  • Personal stories to bring home from Robert & Mikael


All the year around

Additional Activities:

private dinner, invitation & guest list management, PR activities, campaign collaboration, networking events, concept and campaign workshops.

Price Range:

from €€€