Dine with the priests Mogens & Lena in a historical mansion

The Story.

Imagine you are driving through the deep, enchanting forests of Sweden. You have got your best friends with you, and there’s a mischievous glint in the air, a premonition that something thrilling is about to happen. Perhaps it’s the atmospheric fog lingering below the treeline, or the surreal setting of the myths and legends of Lapland. All of a sudden, you stop in front of a great historic mansion. Today the mansion stands frozen in time; a glorious relic of the notorious era of the roaring twenties.

Curious, you step inside the imposing front door and are immediately thrown back in time. Clothes are exchanged for authentic 1920’s attire and you are handed a Mary Pickford cocktail to enjoy whilst your charming host gives you a tour of the residence.  You explore the property and its enigmatic atmosphere, each room revealing something more spectacular than the last and finally in an unexpected plot twist you are introduced to your two chefs for the evening a Priest couple, Lena and Mogens.

Delight in the wild and outlandish stories regaled by your local hosts over a sumptuous three-course feast, with dishes hand selected from a legendary cookbook that’s over 100 years old. Finish the evening in true flapper style in the glamorous salon where you will enjoy listening to gramophone music from the 1920s and 30s while Mogens, Lena and your host reveal incredible secrets about life in the village and the surrounding wilderness.  Relish these thrilling stories you won’t read in any book. Perhaps Lena or Mogens will ask you to dance?

If you are interested in meeting genuine locals to take a “once in a lifetime” story to home with you then you will not be disappointed, although perhaps the tale will be so outrageous that no one will believe you when you attempt to share it…

The Profile.

This is the story of two priests who found the perfect place to combine work, family life and wilderness activities.

Lena who was born and raised on a farm outside Hudiksvall was an active scout growing up. She began her religious studies in 1994 in Umeå and was ordained a priest for Luleå diocese in 2000. She first met her future husband Mogens at a priest meeting in Skellefteå in 2003 and two years later she moved to the village where they would also marry. Even though Lena looks like an innocent female priest she has a licence to kill – moose! She is active in the village’s hunting team and anyone who doesn’t think priests love dancing should watch out for her hidden talents.

Mogens was born into the Danish minority in northern Germany, an educated theologian from Aarhus University in Denmark, he studied his Masters in Kyoto, Japan. During his studies he got the opportunity to work on development projects in East Africa. After his exams he worked in the student parish of Aarhus and in 2003 he became a priest in the village where he later married Lena. Mogens has been working as a mobile priest for the Swedish Church abroad since 2015 so has lots of interesting stories from his travels. He has travelled to various places including India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. As a “flying priest”, he is a celebrant for worship, performs baptisms, weddings and confirmations. He also participates at various events organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Swedish companies or embassies. Less glamourous work is when he visits imprisoned Swedes who wish to make confession and these stories of course are the only ones he cannot divulge.

Story includes:

  • Private access to a historical Swedish mansion
  • A welcome artisan cocktail & meet & greet with hosts
  • Guided tour of the Art Deco property
  • 1920´s / 30´s outfits to borrow for the evening
  • 3 course menu including drink
  • Personal stories from Mogens, Lena and your charming host for you to bring home


All the year around

Additional Activities:

sleep over in the mansion, excursions, wilderness safari, adventure, hunting, workshop

Price Range:

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