Magic Tornedalen with cultural entrepreneur Gunhild Stensmyr

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The Story.

Gunhild and her team will host you for at least two nights at the private Arthotel beside the Torneälven river. Her place is a treasure for art lovers and design enthusiasts alike. Her private art collection includes works by some of the most well-known Swedish artists living today, and the interior design is a perfect blend between contemporary and modern and antique. As soon as you have settled in here you will feel your pace of life change. Tornedalen is an exciting place right on the border between Sweden and Finland with a rich history and a fantastic cultural heritage where Swedish, Finnish, Tornedalian and Sami culture are combined – both in language, business, culture and gastronomy. During your stay, you will get the opportunity to experience parts of this secluded place, to meet and learn from local producers and to taste some of the fantastic ingredients Tornedalen has to offer.

Gunhild wants to show the richness of Nordic and Scandinavian food with its connection to the wild origins. The food is all locally produced. Gunhild´s relatives and friends hunt and fish, they pick mushrooms and berries, the villagers bake bread, pitch honey and your housekeeper Simmi cooks your fresh meals every day. Between the home-made meals we will take you on different wildlife excursions and adventures in the surrounding wilderness. Depending on season and weather Gunhild offers plenty of activities, everything from a river boat trip and hunting to dog sledding.  She will offer a guided cultural tour around Torneälv, where you will learn about Tornedalen’s history and lifestyle. Our aim is to bring you really close to the local life, introduce you to the villagers and people who value their local traditions. One thing we can promise you is that the moment you leave you will be craving to return and to create more stories to bring home with you!

The Profile.

Gunhild Stensmyr is a well-known cultural entrepreneur in Sweden. She has been active in the art scene around Sweden for many years and has been praised several times for her work and engagement. She was born and raised in Tornedalen with a bachelor’s degree in Archeology, Ethnology and Art History from Lund University. Her early career started as curator and art gallery manager at Bildmuseet and Norrtälje Konsthall. In 1997 she created her own education and consulting company: NICE – NETWORK IN CULTURE. With a talent for culture and art she has been hired as an expert by the EU, state, regions, and municipalities to perform consulting assignments for different municipalities and county councils. Between 2002 and 2012 Gunhild built and managed Skärets konsthall in Höganäs municipality but the strong roots in Tornedalen made her return to her home village for her current project – the Artvillage that has a hotel and art exhibition space.

Her vision is to transform her village of Vitsaniemi-Risudden to a new cultural hotspot in Sweden. The unique hotel is the first development of the cultural destination, inaugurated in 2013. It consists of a variety of charming accommodations, ranging from sleek rooms and cozy cottages to old forest houses and a luxury villa. The art space “Konsthall Tornedalen” is still in progress. Gunhild loves to share her playground by Torneälv with her guests and showcase the best secrets of Tornedalen. Choose between enjoying magical summer nights with the midnight sun or the spectacular Northern Lights during constant darkness of winter. Gunhild´s hotel is one of the most remarkable hideaways of Northern Sweden, no matter the season.

What does moose or reindeer meat taste like? What did princess Victoria and Prince Daniel do at Gunhild´s hotel? What famous artwork hangs on the walls in the hotel? What dramas are going on inbetween the Swedish and Finnish border region? Where is Gunhild´s secret place in Tornedalen?

Story includes:

  • Minimum two nights in a room or house category of your choice
  • Welcome drink & Tornedals tapas
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, evening meal, supper
  • Introduction to the art collection and property´s background with Gunhild
  • Excursion to the Luppioberget, a viewpoint overlooking the “Amazon of Sweden”
  • Visit to the lookout tower
  • Meet the locals with fika
  • Sauna experience
  • Local give away gift
  • Personal stories to bring home from Gunhild Stensmyr


All the year around

Additional Activities:

dine with the locals, private dinner in a scenic place, outdoor cooking, food workshop, boat trip, nature bath, art & craft workshop, Nordic skiing, hiking, dog sledding, snow mobile, canoeing, ice fishing, river fishing, old time fishing, wildlife hunting, bird hunting, bear watching, reindeer herding, picking berries and mushrooms, guided culture tours, arctic night forest our, midnight sun tour, northern light tour, do it twice new year celebration, Santa Claus excursion


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