COMING SOON - the island adventure with design visionary Erik Nissen Johansen


Erik Nissen Johansen is the founder and creative director of Stylt Trampoli AB in Goteborg Sweden, an award winning concept development, interior architecture, design and marketing company specialised in the hospitality industry.

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Privé dinner with Kajsa Bergqvist & Josefin Holmqvist


The Story.

Kajsa Bergqvist has always had a passion for fine wine and gourmet cooking and Josefin Holmqvist has a wealth of experience from working in the restaurant and bars of Stockholm. With this perfect combination of skills, they will host a magnificent supper experience in their turn-of-the-century villa on an island nearby Lidingö. The evening begins with a wonderful boat journey from Stockholm to Lidingö and upon arrival you will be welcomed by your hosts. Whilst you walk around their beautiful garden savouring champagne and snacks the couple will introduce you to the history of the island.  Answering as to why there are so many oaks and no pine trees? Why the island became well-known as the “Opera island”.

Once inside, you will get a private tour around the villa and listen to insider stories about the decadent parties in 40´s when the tenor Conny Söderström and his wife lived here. Conny’s oil portrait still hangs in a place of honour to perfectly connect the past with the present. Your dinner takes place in the spectacular salon in a warm atmosphere, surrounded by lush plants, interior design accessories and vintage furniture. This place looks like it is a feature in Vogue Living magazine. The exclusive 3-5 course menu and selected wines will be served by the hosts themselves and Kajsa and Josefin will entertain you throughout the evening with their personal stories, small happenings and surprises. After coffee and dessert the boat will sail you back to the mainland again. Sign up for this exclusive privé dinner and bring home the insider stories from the charming “Opera island”.

The Profile.

Most will know Kajsa Bergqvist as the Swedish high jumper hero at many international sporting events. She had her international breakthrough at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, where she won the bronze medal. Since then the medals have kept coming with, amongst others, one gold and two bronze medals in the World Championships in Athletics and one gold and one bronze in the European Championships. In 2002 she had her strongest season to date with a total of 14 wins from 17 competitions, and she became European champion and vice world champion. In 2008 she announced that she would retire from high jumping, after being ranked the number one female high jumper in the world. She then found her life entering “a new phase” and the motivation to keep competing was no longer there.

She has a degree in Advertising from Dallas university, she lived in Monaco in her hey-days and works currently as tv presenter for Swedish sport tv channels. Today Kajsa is happily married with Josefin Holmqvist, a woman who works at one of the most famous restaurants in Stockholm. Josefin´s passion is to mix cocktails like the female version of Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”. Together they have created a unique privé dinner concept in Stockholm, where guests dine behind closed doors at their private villa overlooking the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.

What peculiar things happened when Kajsa purchased the villa? Why did sailors visit the islands frequently in the 18th century? Why did almost every oak disappear on the island? Which drink will Josefin shake like Tom Cruise for you? And what surprise has Kajsa prepared?

Story includes:

  • Welcome drink & snacks
  • Private home visit with property tour
  • 3 to 5 course menu
  • Selected wines and beverages
  • Coffee and avec
  • Lots of insider stories and history about the place
  • Personal stories from Kajsa and Josefin


All the year around

Additional Activities:

Boat transfer, Archipelago excursion, Cocktail or Wine workshop


Price Range:

from €€€