Cold bath & painting workshop with Linda Vagnelind


The Story.

Linda is a master at motivating and inspiring people through creative workshops combined with challenging activities such as taking ice baths, climbing and performing hand stands. With this story we fling the doors wide open to experience the best of the best of Linda´s world: take a cold bath, paint and socialise over a sumptious dinner. The day starts with a welcome and introduction about the cold bath workshop by the sea. Linda explains about the health effects and benefits including how they can aid better sleep, reduce stress, increase body control, improve focus and provide a huge energy kick. Linda will coach you in how to control your body and your mind in ice cold water.  You will do some breathing exercises before you enter the water. Science says that cold baths increase creativity so before the adrenaline has worn off you will find yourself in front of a canvas channelling your inner Picasso.

The activity that follows is an indoor workshop. Linda will teach you how to release performance anxiety and show you how to build your creative confidence. Before you begin to paint, Vagnelind goes through helpful theories and enables you to practice with two quick exercises, a sketch exercise and one in painting. Then you will paint with a theme that “symbolizes” values ​​and the group’s common visions that bind the team together.The painting workshop will be the proof of your personal creativity after the cold bath, but don’t worry too much about it as we all have hidden talents and Linda is there to help you discover them. Linda will wrap up the day with a private dinner surrounded by your own private view of your works of art. And the piece of art you painted? Well that is your story to bring home with you.

The Profile.

Linda Vagnelind is a multi-talented artist who has a huge passion for all kinds of creativity. All her artistic work is represented under her brand VAGNELIND and is displayed around the world. Linda works mainly as an artist with various exhibition and gallery activities. Her signature is large paintings where she interprets people and their stories sculpturally with wide brushes and thick colour, somewhere in the borderland between 2D and 3D. One of her most famous art projects was made at the world famous ICEHOTEL, where she built a suite of ice and snow. Another of her talents is showed in her book “KALLA BAD”, where she is the author, photographer, and art director. The book was published by Bonnier Fakta and caused a huge trend to do cold baths all year around, no matter of the water temperature. She is also the only artist to be booked for a single exhibition with 15 large singer portraits at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 in Malmö.

If she is not painting in her studio at 2am or participating in a charity gala with her art work then she loves to spend her summers at her beach house south of Gothenburg.  Here she does lots of water sports like paddling, snorkelling and surfing. In the winter season she does indoor climbing, biking and ice bathing. She believes the adrenaline kick of swimming in cold water is her best tool to perform more efficiently as an artist. Linda is an energetic person constantly looking for new adventures and inspires people with her personal stories.

How was it to run a fashion brand and a boutique with your husband? Why did she climb up Sweden´s highest mountain Kebnekaise dressed in just underwear? And what did she do in Los Angeles together with Viktoria Silverstedt? What was her artwork at the Icehotel in 2020?

Story includes:

  • Welcome healthy drink and introduction of the day
  • Workshop cold bath: health effects, strategies on breathing and relaxing and to gain control over the body’s reactions in the cold water (1 hour)
  • Workshop painting: waking up the body with simple balance movements and breathing exercise to overcome challenges (2 hours),
  • Beverage and snacks during the workshops
  • Location for painting workshop
  • Equipment: easels, canvas, paint brushes and paint coats
  • Private dinner with selected beverages
  • Personal life stories to bring home from Linda Vagnelind


All the year around

Additional Activities:

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