Culinary farm life experience with Christer & Eva

The Story.

When in Rome…, nothing could be more authentic than pulling up to an ancient manor house in a horse drawn carriage what a spectacular first impression of countryside life. Travelling with pure horse power you will pass the fields and hills which make this farm so picturesque. When you arrive at the farmhouse Christer and Eva will give you a warm welcome by serving an antipasti of their best farm products to satisfy your initial hunger. Then Christer will take you on a short walk around the barns, stables and other historical buildings to explain how an ecological farm works today. You will also meet the main protagonists of the farm – the red hill cattle – and get an in-depth explanation on their history.  You will see a glimpse of animal farming behind closed doors.

Now laden with more knowledge about the red hill cows you are led into the restaurant´s kitchen. Together with your private chef you will help to prepare dinner and learn more about the local products and cooking methods. Your table will be set in the historical private manor and while the food is served you will listen to stories from the past from your hosts. Be prepared for some surprises and spontaneous activities during the dinner. At an old manor from the 19th century anything can happen. This experience might remind you of the classic television episode of “Dinner for One” but Christer and Eva conduct the dinner with lots of care, authenticity, and passion. They will make sure you won´t leave their estate without having had a exceptional experience – with a unique farming story to bring home.

The Profile.

Christer is an entrepreneurial farmer who is carrying on an eight-hundred-year tradition of breeding cows and cultivating the soil at Magda Manor. After almost two decades as an air force pilot he completed a further education in farming in order to follow his passion for agriculture and nature. He began his new rural life at the farm back in 2011 and his ambition is for sustainable farming, the exceptional care of Red Hill cows and to produce local organic food.

By his side is his life partner Eva, born and raised at Magda Manor, completes the ideology of a family farm. Even though Eva´s mother Monica is the actual owner of the estate, Eva makes sure to maintain the inherited traditions from her grandparents who once purchased the land. Eva used to work as a gardener at Julita Gård but today you will find her somewhere in the farm´s beautiful oak groves, where flowers, fruit trees and a variety of herbs and orchids grow. She also has a passion for antiques and you will find a mix of vintage furniture, home accessories and restored items in her storehouse shop.

Together they run a charming delicatessen shop and cafe and have now added a gourmet restaurant too by converting a former horse stable. Most meals are prepared from their own locally produced Red Hill beef, but you will also find a “catch of the day” from the nearby lake Hjälmaren. The farm restaurant is a tranquil oasis and rural getaway just 2 hours drive from Stockholm.

Discover why this farm is a pioneer in Sweden for organic farming? Hear how crazy it sounds when Christer calls his Red Hill cows in when it is time for dinner? How come Eva is known as the “apple queen”? What are Emil and Arvid doing in the fridge? And why does the singer Plura always return to stay at Magda?

Story includes:

  • Welcome drink & local snacks
  • Horse carriage
  • Tour around the estate
  • Meet the Red hill cattle
  • Food workshop in the restaurant
  • 3 course menu in a private manor
  • Personal stories to bring home  


All the year around

Additional Activities:

Fishing, bird watching, digger drive, squad drive, boat trip, historical highlight tour in the area, rental of timbered historical cottage, farming workshop (be a farmer for a day), helicopter trip

Price Range:

 from €€