Mixology experience with Måns Herngren & Co

The Story.

This unique story gives you the chance to meet legendary director Måns Herngren and to explore his “unplugged” world of hedonism. Måns Herngren is not only a multi-award winning film director but he is also a true entertainer, connoisseur and ”barfly”.

Måns interest in cocktails began in London in the mid 1980s. Since then, his passion for drinks has taken him to bars around the world, from New York to Havana, Monaco to Tokyo and Budapest to Berlin to name just some of Måns favourite cities. For more than 30 years, Måns has been able to follow the development of cocktails in Stockholm, from the days when no bartender knew how to make a Caipirinha, until the present day where now the city is home to some of the world’s best cocktail bars. For several years, Måns has also been on the jury for the BCA – Bartenders Choice Award, which gives him another insight into the global bar scene.

So immerse yourself in the fascinating world of mixology together with Måns and his mixologist team.  Learn the fine art of how to make classic cocktails with a modern twist. You will learn the classic techniques, the basics of mixology and how to prepare ingredients that are essential for making the most delectable cocktails. After a relaxed introduction you will have the chance to apply everything you have learnt to create your own masterpiece. Will you make a ”riff” on a classic cocktail or go crazy, inventing something unique with your favourite flavours! After the workshop you will be able to impress your friends and family members with your new knowledge and mixing skills. Take the chance to create a show stopping cocktail, so delicious, that Måns and his mixologist team might introduce your creation to the bar scene of Stockholm! Maybe a new cocktail story will begin with you?

The Profile.

Måns Herngren made his name as an actor, director and screenwriter. He is the eldest of the famous Herngren siblings and when he is not working on films he is a commercial director for TV. His big breakthrough came with the comedy TV-series S*M*A*S*H (1990), written and directed by Måns Herngren himself and Hannes Holm. From this television success they became a great script duo and directed the feature films En på miljonen (1995), Adam & Eva (1997), Shit happens (2000) and The reunion (2002). In 2006 Måns directed his first feature film with his brother, the box office hit Every Other Week. Since then they have created a couple of award-winning comedy series and films, like Solsidan, Bonusfamiljen, The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared and The Restaurant (Vår tid är nu).

Over the years, Måns has been awarded Kristallen, The Golden Egg Award and Roy Awards for his work. His feature films have become Swedish classics and his twisted sense of humour with scripts is his strength. To add to his many talents, Måns is a true foodie and mixologist too. We have seen him mixing up drinks in Pluras Kök and TV3´s uppesittarkväll. He enjoys frequenting top restaurants and never says no to a great cocktail. Måns is a true insider in the bar scene and many of his friends are award winning mixologists and top chefs.

Did you know Måns lived in New York in the 1980’s? What happened at TV3´s uppesittarkväll live show? How did the roll of Alexander ‘Alex’ Carlsson change his life? Which cocktail is Måns favourite?

Story includes:

  • Welcome drink and introduction
  • Private use of a unique bar location
  • Mixology workshop including preparing, mixing and sipping (2 hours)
  • Ingredients you get to drink and cocktail equipment you get to keep
  • Beverage and snacks during the workshop
  • Personal stories to bring home from Måns Herngren & Co


All the year around

Additional Activities:

private dinner, bar tender show, cooking class, bar hopping tour, insider tour of Södermalm

Price Range:

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